Hot Tank Insulation

Hot tank insulation is of great importance in industrial installation. It is essential to protect the temperature of the fluid in the tank. Tank insulation...

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Hot Equipmant Insulation

The insulation describe herein is limited to that required for conservation of heati maintenance of operating temperature. Equipment insulation is applied ...

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Pipe Insulation

Hot Insulation of piping, is creating effiency of processes basis. The application of piping insulation could shown difference according to projects detail...

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Cold Insulation - Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane insulation performs by forming interlayers implemented  by machine  to kroyojenic fluids  to prevent the energy transition to p...

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Cellular Glass Insulation

Used on a wide varienty of industrial and commercial applications including oil and gas storage, LNG, process piping and equipment. It is an effective and ...

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Cold PIR, PUF, PUR Insulation

PIR and PUF materials are suitable for cold/chilled pipelines, equipment insulation and horton sphere insulation. In application, various vapor inhibitors ...

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Sound Isolation

This practice, also known as acoustic insulation, involves insulation work on around sound sources which above theshold (80 dB) that can harm human health....

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Elastomeric Rubber Insulation

Elastomeric Rubber is elastomeric rubber based thermal insulation material that has closed porosity and even cell structure.  It can be manufactured i...

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Steel Construction

Manufacturing and erection works are started after the methodology of the project is established. The projected structural steel is manufactured in accordance with the quality standards and controlled by a team of experts in the field and each process is recorded. Calibrated equipment uses quality assurance and control measures, in the assambly of structural steels made by certificed workers using TSE approved materials. All tonage and risky l...

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Cladding application, glass-fiber reinforced polyester, sandwich panel, galvanized, aluminium cladding materials are shaped in suitable forms and size. Cladding applies by taking into consideration wind resistance and waterproofing also secures overlapping. Self taping screw uses for fixed from all gutter....

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